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Files for the Spectrum +3 and 128

There aren't the only programs I've written for the Spectrum; I'm gradually checking the archives and updating them where necessary, before adding them to this page.


Contains DSK Contains TAP Contains +3DOS files Program Description
Y Y Y SNAPLD SNAPLD allows snapshots in the venerable SNA file format to be loaded on a genuine +3. You have to make your own arrangements for getting the snapshots onto the +3 in the first place, though; SNAPLD cannot read DOS-formatted discs.
Y Y Y ROMSNA ROMSNA is similar to SNAPLD above, but also loads a custom ROM image. Some games (such as Knight-Tyme 48k) are compatible with the original Sinclair 48K ROM but not with the 48K ROM in the +3.
Y - Y TAPROM TAPROM loads a ROM, and patches its tape routines so that they use .TAP files (or preferably .ZXT, which is .TAP with a +3DOS header) rather than real tapes. Various tapefile-manipulation utilities are included.
Y Y SAVERAM SAVERAM is a proof of concept for saving the entire Spectrum 128 RAMdisc to tape in one go, and reloading it.


John Elliott 2005-07-24