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Spectrum-related software for the Java platform


This program allows the font in a Spectrum, ZX81 or ZX80 ROM image to be exported or imported. Formats supported for both export and import are:

In addition, DOS fonts (codepage 437) are supported for import.

I came up with the idea for this after seeing the situation with the Clairsys font, where if you want to distribute a Spectrum system font you have to generate a complete set of custom system ROMs. Far better to distribute a PSF and let the user patch their emulator's ROM files with RomFont. Even better would be to have that functionality built into the emulators, but that's beyond my control.

RomFont should work on any machine with a Java runtime, version 1.1 or later. I've tested it on Linux, Windows, MacOS X and MacOS 9. It'll also compile with J# in Visual Studio 2005.


[ZIP file]romfont.zip: The program (32k)

[ZIP file]romfontsrc.zip: The source code (40k)


RomFont on Windows

RomFont on MacOS 9

RomFont on MacOS X


John Elliott 2007-11-02